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“Experienced Noticeable Changes”

Dr Jody has made a huge difference in my overall well being by eliminating chronic pain in my neck and hip. The change in how I feel was so significant, that I took my athlete son who struggles with tightness and lack of mobility in his neck and shoulders. He too has experienced noticeable changes in his flexibility and overall comfort.

-Leslie A.

“I Feel the Difference!”

From the office staff to both Dr. Jody and Dr. Rebecca I have felt taken care and educated. I feel the difference of improvement already and I am patient with the process. Everyone cares and listens to my concerns and explains any adjustments of the treatment with flexibility. The facility is very well kept and clean. I look forward to continuing my plan. Don’t hesitate to give them a try. You won’t regret it.

-Anessa P.

“I Gained An Inch In Height!”

heart-commentI had difficulty with neck mobility, especially when looking right. I had pain in my shoulder blades and also sometimes in the lower back. My posture was bad. Curvature of my spine led to leaning forward. I was 5’9″. After 25 sessions of the SpineMed decompression treatment I gained an inch in height. I am now 5’10″!

My neck mobility is much increased and I can easily look right while driving. I am standing more erect and I have less discomfort when walking.

Discomfort in walking was the chief reason I sought chiropractic help in the first place. I have far less discomfort in bending, stooping, and lifting, while doing simple things like laundry, putting out recycling and the like. The cost of treatment is an initial deterrent, but results make it worthwhile!! Frequency of treatment requires rearranging appointments and planning the week carefully. The sooner the treatments are completed, the better it is for you.

– Rich K.

“5 Stars!”

When I could no longer sleep at night due to the pain in my hands, I chose to go to Dr. Jody Serra at the Center for Natural Health and Rehabilitation. Because of the skilled Chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Jody, I now have uninterrupted nights of sleep!! Numb and painful hands no longer wake me each night. Pacing the floor for one or two hours seeking relief from pain is no longer my nightly experience. With getting sleep and living without pain, I am a happier and nicer person! The environment at the Center for Natural Health rates 5 STARS!!

Dr. Jody, along with everyone on his staff, is caring, positive and always professional. It’s easy to feel like a “person” instead of just a “patient” in this atmosphere. For me, the excellence of Chiropractic as practiced by Dr. Jody Serra has become the successful alternative treatment to the otherwise invasive wrist surgery that was recommended by an orthopedic surgeon for my condition. In addition, I know that the well-being of my whole body, not just the hands, will benefits from continuing to keep Chiropractic in the forefront of my health care.

– Alyce K.


“Shortened and Eased My Labor!”

I started to see Dr. Jody Serra when I was a few months pregnant. I had heard that receiving regular chiropractic adjustment during pregnancy would help to relieve pregnancy related back pains and would also help to ease labor.

I strongly feel that by receiving Chiropractic adjustments, up until the day before my daughter’s birth helped to shorten and ease my labor and allowed me to go through labor without the use of drugs.

– Joci H.

“Nothing Short Of A Miracle!”

“Nothing short of a miracle” is the best way I can describe what you have done for my well-being. A few short months ago I came to you. Almost accepting my maturity meant also accepting the accompanying aches and pains of advancing years. I was not a stranger to chiropractic but had never expected the results to be what I have experienced under your care. I am most definitely, a new woman!

I have regained my enormous energy level, my nights are filled with sound sleep instead of tossing and turning and since I am not resigning myself to the aging process anymore my whole outlook is positive and filled with expectations of a long and bright future…. Yes, all of this because of a few (seemingly) simple adjustments…nothing short of miraculous!

Thank you will hardly ever be enough but know that you have my most heartfelt appreciation.

– Linda S.

“I Can Hold My Granddaughter Now!”

I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Jody ad his caring staff. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis/sciatica over a year ago. I tried various treatments such as physical therapy, pain medication, nerve blocks and acupuncture. Every treatment was a band aid, not a cure.

Facing possible surgery, I did extensive research on the internet and read about spinal decompression. I decided to try SpineMed decompression therapy as my last option. It was consuming and expensive, but well worth all the time and the expense.

I have now resumed all my physical activities. The most wonderful thing is that now I can hold my little granddaughter and actually get on the floor and play!

So to Dr. Jody and his wonderful staff, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Donna A.

“One Of The Best Choices I Have Ever Made!”

For years now I’ve been getting headaches and migraines; trying anything and everything to just relieve them, just the slightest bit but nothing changed. So, one day my school nurse recommended that I see a Chiropractor. At first I thought she was crazy because we were talking about my head and not my back! After discovering Dr. Jody and seeing him on a regular basis I have NEVER felt this good and I am migraine/headache free!!!! Going to Dr. Jody has changed my life in such a wonderful way! It is one of the best choices I have ever made!!!!

Thank you Dr. Jody!

– Katie T.

“It Is Very Relaxing!”

At 4 months old our son had horrible eczema that covered him from head to toe. The medication from his pediatrician was not helping. Five weeks after beginning Chiropractic care, his eczema was almost completely cleared up!! Our whole family now benefits from Chiropractic care. My husband’s carpal tunnel symptoms have improved dramatically.

We appreciate the quality care from Dr. Jody as well as the friendly staff. It is very relaxing!

– Audrey G.

“You Saved My Vacation!”

I injured my back and was in excruciating pain. I could hardly walk. I called your office on a Friday morning and you were able to see me later that afternoon. As you may recall, I was scheduled to leave later that evening for a family trip to Maine. I wanted to enjoy myself and not be in pain. As I had hoped, I felt so much better after the very first visit. I was even able to run after and play with my 2- year old daughter.

I know that if you were not so accommodating in seeing me I would not have been able to do that. You saved my vacation!!!! Thank you very much.

– Josh V.

“Everyone Is Always Warm & Friendly!”

At my daughter’s 9 year old check-up, the pediatrician noticed a curve in her spine. The pediatrician’s only advice was to wait 6 months and see what happens. Not willing to wait it out and risk further curvature, I asked Dr. Jody what he thought. Dr. Jody felt very confident that Chiropractic care could, at the very least, prevent further curvature. After 6 months of Chiropractic care, to our delight, my daughter’s spine is nearly perfectly straight.

The look of excitement on my daughters face upon seeing her curvature reversed was priceless. Knowing that she will not have to face wearing a back brace is a HUGE relief. It is always a pleasure coming to the office because we feel Dr. Jody and his entire staff are truly concerned about our well-being.

We never feel rushed and everyone is always warm and friendly. We all look forward to our regular visits. Chiropractic definitely works!!!!!

– Nadine C.

“Pain Free!”

I was experiencing severe neck pain resulting from a pinched nerve. It got to the point where I had trouble sleeping and could no longer do my construction job. After going over my options with Dr. Jody I decided to go with the SpineMed spinal decompression therapy. I was concerned about the cost and time commitment but I am glad I did. I am able to do everything I did before the injury PAIN FREE.

Thanks to Dr. Jody and his staff for their kind and courteous service.

– Bob C.


I knew Dr. Jody Serra as “Coach Serra” back when I used to play football for him in 2006. I always loved him as a coach and looked up to him and enjoyed my time playing for him. Years later my immune system broke down and I began to get very sick. In November 2016, I was diagnosed with Mono. For months I was unable to eat and my body became very weak. I lost nearly 60 pounds. In December 2015 I developed a very painful arthritis-like feeling in my hands and was unable to hold even a pen. I was forced to drop out of college.

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I started going for physical therapy to get back the use of my hands but things only got worse, so I stopped going. Then I developed a horrible burning in my feet. They swelled up to the size of footballs. In January 2016 I lost the ability to walk. For over 2 months I was bed ridden and the only time I left the house was to go to the doctors. During this time I was hospitalized 3 times and saw ten different specialists. I had every test imaginable. Some doctors were afraid it was a form of cancer. All bloodwork and tests came back negative which made a diagnosis even harder.

I had to have a physical therapist hold me up and teach me how to walk again because I was so weak and my legs just shut down.

Then one day one of my friends suggested I go see Dr. Serra because he worked wonders for him when he was sick. My first trip to Dr. Jody I was wheeled into his office in a wheelchair because I still could not walk. Dr. Serra did some tests and found that my entire spine was misaligned and putting way too much pressure on my nerves than it should be. He knew it looked very bad but told me that he thought he would be able to repair my spine and relieve some of the pressure and pain.

IT WAS A MIRACLE! After months of being immobile, thinking I would never be able to walk again, and becoming depressed I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the treatment I received from Dr. Serra. Now I am finally back to work and school and can go to the gym and work out every day again. I have regained the weight I lost and I am at my ideal weight.

Thank YOU!!

– Mike B.

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