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Meet Dr. Addison O’Day

Getting to Know the Doctor

Dr. Addison O’Day, a former professional ballet dancer, became a Chiropractor because of Chiropractic care that he received throughout his career. “My previous profession was very hard on my body and I can’t tell you how many times I lifted, jumped or twisted wrong leaving me in pain or in some cases unable to do my job! Chiropractic was always able to put me back together so to speak.  Nowhere else could I walk in and 15 minutes later be virtually pain free ready to go back to work.”  He realized that Chiropractic went beyond the “back and neck pain” model that the public typically associates with Chiropractic. “When I started to get adjusted regularly I slept better, breathed better, had less performance anxiety…everything just worked better. Issues that would bubble to the surface occasionally were no longer there.

This is what truly sparked my journey into becoming a Chiropractor. I wanted to be part of helping others feel and achieve health and wellness the way I had”.  When Dr. O’Day’s career in ballet started shifting away from performing and into teaching, he always had it in the back of his mind that he would like to be part of the Chiropractic profession because of the profound impact it had on his life.  The rest is history, and he couldn’t be happier with his choice. “Helping people regain their health and educating patients on how to keep their bodies functioning as optimally as possible has been a truly rewarding experience.


Dr. O’Day earned his doctorate degree at the prestigious Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri.  Additionally, Dr. O’Day is finishing his Masters in Nutrition and Human performance to further empower and maximize his patient’s health journey.

“Health is not a destination, it’s in constant change. It’s a pattern of behaviors and decisions.  I feel we all need a team around us to support positive behaviors around food choices, activities and spiritual well-being.  Ultimately, I hope to be considered a valuable member of each of my patient’s team”.

Dr. O’Day has additional certification in Applied Kinesiology, a technique for evaluating body function by means of muscle testing.  He also has expertise in nutrition and the importance of gut function and its relationship to our overall health


Dr. O’Day’s expertise in the professional dance world makes him the ideal candidate for individuals looking to have a practitioner who understands the intricate and high level physical performance called upon when participating in physical activities such as ball sports, weight training, cross fit, running, cycling, and all types of dance.  Whether you are a hobbyist, weekend warrior, or high level professional athlete, we all deserve to perform at our best.  Chiropractic care is not only for back and neck pain, it’s ideal for optimizing function and performance at any age.  This is why many professional and Olympic athletes utilize Chiropractic care in conjunction with their training.

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